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Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading and editing a manuscript is an extremely subtle job meant for a professional editor. We hire only the best editors who not only excel at English but also consider your work immensely important.

Whether you have written a novel, a business article or a non-fictional account, we work on just the necessary aspects while you retain absolute creative control.

We provide a word by word edit of your manuscript, revise the language and punctuation issues and provide our suggestions on content, if required. Call us now for prices.

Proofreading and Editing

Record your Audiobook

You may well be aware that many readers now prefer to listen to their favorite books. Though reading has its own unbeatable charm, Audiobook sales are on the rise while people listen to their favorite books on the go. However, it is surprising that not many indie writers manage to end up publishing their own Audiobooks due to lack of information or lack of resources (voice artists, studio) or both of these reasons.We have explored all the available platforms and got on board experienced voice artists to carve out the right path to launch your Audiobook. Call us for more details!

Publish Your Book

Publishing is an extremely complex universe which is subject to constant upgrades. One can read a lot about publishing E-books and paperbacks on the internet but nothing beats an experienced consulting team which has through trial and error identified a seamless path to maximizing publishing potential. In addition to this, we have our own voice artists to record your first Audiobook.

Packages begin @ ₹ 3,999/-. 
Please call us for more information.

Publish Your Book

Promote your Book

Promote your Book
In today’s age of global competition, online marketing is indispensable and hence we have developed the necessary strategies and explored all possible platforms to take your book where it belongs – in the hands of the right reader! Call us to know more how we use social media and book platforms to promote your book and also let us suggest to you various strategies to make the launch of your book a memorable success.

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